Detailed info for “High-quality fantasy illustration” slot


What I like to draw and 100% accept if I’m available for commissions:

  • Classic fantasy scenes & worlds (DnD, Warhammer, LOTR, etc)

  • Sci-fi

  • Your own Original Characters

  • Dark fantasy

  • Horror creatures

Things that I can accept but are not in my usual area of interest:

(I tend to postpone taking commissions with such topics if I’m busy)

  • WOW characters

  • Final Fantasy characters

Subjects that I probably will not accept:

(But if you still would be interested and able to persuade me that your idea is tasteful & beautiful, I might change my opinion)

  • Anthropomorphic animals

  • Images containing characters from anime\cartoons\movies

  • Extreme Gore/Sex scenes


My base price is 90-130$ for 1-3 characters in a picture with a rather simple background and a medium amount of action taking place.

For 3-6 characters in a picture, the price is 150-170$

For 6-9 characters the price is 200-230$



Estimated turnaround

is 8-18 days.