Detailed info for “Realistic digital charcoal drawing” slot

The final piece resolution is usually larger than 20 megapixels (5120x3840px) which is more than enough for printing, uploading to social media Instagram etc.

I tend to not to draw directly over photos, rather to catch the feeling of the person so it'd be nice if you'll be able to provide me with clear photos of the face from different angles (en face, 3/4 facial view, side view) and the main photo (if there's one) that you like the most and would like to replicate the feeling of in the portrait.

I provide two versions of the final artwork - one is a photo of the portrait on paper with pencils and other artistic stuff lying over - for you to brag about your portrait on social media, and other is a clean digital version which you can print in any size you like and frame it.


My base price is 35$ for a portrait of one person (shoulders included)  



Estimated turnaround

is 1-3 days